4 Important HOA Board Responsibilities in Naples, Florida

4 Important HOA Board Responsibilities in Naples, Florida

No HOA can function without an effective HOA board of directors.

Whether you're thinking of joining your HOA board or you're wondering if your board is cutting it, it's important to know what they're responsible for. Living in an HOA should come with plenty of perks, but the board is responsible for making it all happen.

In today's post, we'll take a look at 4 important HOA board responsibilities in Naples, Florida. These responsibilities might seem like a lot of work for volunteers, but keep reading and you'll learn how the actions of the board can create a brighter future for the HOA.

1. Maintain the Community

One of the most important aspects of running an HOA is maintaining the common areas that homeowners share. Common areas include sidewalks and roads, but depending on your community, they'll include parks, recreation centers, and playgrounds.

All of these things need near-constant attention. Among the HOA board member roles, the most important one is scheduling service with local vendors and signing contracts to make sure all areas of the community are looked after.

2. Ensure Compliance with Governing Documents

The HOA board of directors has to work together to formulate the governing documents. Once they're set in stone, they'll need to ensure all members of the community are complying with them.

Anytime you gather dozens of homeowners in a community and have them abide by rules and regulations, you're going to have rule breakers. The purpose of the rules isn't to cause issues but to ensure uniformity in the community.

It can be awkward to enforce rules on one of your neighbors, whether it's about the appearance of their home or disturbances with another homeowner. This is where HOA property management can really help an HOA board out by being an impartial third party that can enforce rules.

3. Budgeting and Accounting

HOA members should never question where their monthly dues are going. Of all the HOA board member roles, the treasurer has the most difficult task.

Creating a budget for the whole community can be overwhelming, but it's central to organizing maintenance, upcoming developments, and boosting property values. If you don't have faith in your accounting, it's time to outsource it to a professional.

4. Arrange Meetings

Annual HOA meetings allow homeowners to voice their opinions about the direction of the association. HOA board meetings deal with the day-to-day tasks of running the community.

Both are important for the long-term health of the HOA. The board is responsible for leading these meetings, listening to homeowners, and making important decisions that affect the community.

Does Your HOA Board Need Backup?

These are a few of the primary responsibilities of an HOA board. If your HOA board is overwhelmed by the work, it's time to bring in reinforcements. An HOA property management company can provide the board with all the support they need to improve the community.

At PMI Gulf Coast, we're the top HOA managers in Naples. To learn how we can help your board and community, don't hesitate to contact us today.