4 Topics to Discuss During HOA Meetings in Naples, Florida

4 Topics to Discuss During HOA Meetings in Naples, Florida

There's a reason that nearly 74 million Americans live in HOAs.

Homeowners associations afford their members a certain lifestyle and a variety of perks that regular homeowners don't have. From having the common area maintenance taken care of to a variety of amenities, HOA homeowners have a chance to enjoy the community that they live in.

Every HOA operates individually and a lot of what happens is dictated by HOA meetings. In today's post, we'll look at 4 topics that you should discuss at your Naples HOA meetings. Keep reading and you'll be able to create an HOA meeting agenda that satisfies everyone's needs every time.

1. Upcoming Projects

There are two main types of HOA meetings: annual board meetings and community-wide meetings. At both of these gatherings, it'll be important to discuss any upcoming projects or developments. This may include new amenities or changes to common areas.

The development of the HOA is one of the most exciting things on any HOA meeting agenda. It's important to involve all members of the HOA in these discussions so that everyone has a say in what projects are being prioritized.

With the community's approval, the HOA board meetings can go over the finer details of the project to ensure everything runs smoothly.

2. Changes to the Board

HOA board members are volunteer homeowners who want to have an active role in the community. Your HOA may or may not hold elections for board members, but if it does, changes to the board need to be dealt with at HOA meetings.

What makes living in an HOA so appealing is that it functions like a democracy. If the board isn't getting the job done, new faces can be put into place and changes can be made. All of this should be done both in public meetings and behind closed doors for the betterment of the association.

3. Finances

There's a financial side to being in an HOA as well. Members pay their monthly dues to enjoy all of the benefits of HOA living.

On the other side of things, the HOA board is responsible for taking the money and doing good things with it. At HOA meetings, both community-wide and board-centric, budgeting and accounting must be a topic of discussion.

If there are any upcoming changes to HOA fees, whether it's from having to pay for major repairs or new vendor contracts, the community needs to know about it.

4. Open the Floor

Lastly, it's important to open up the floor, not just to board members, but to any homeowner who wants to raise questions or HOA complaints. What's so great about an HOA is that everyone has input into how it all operates.

You should always leave time for homeowners to pose their questions at HOA meetings. This is how you deal with big issues and push the community into new territory.

Making HOA Meetings Productive

HOA meetings are an opportunity to better the community. These are a few key points you should hit at every HOA meeting, but if you're having trouble running these meetings, it might be time to hire HOA management.

An experienced HOA property manager can help your Naples community deal with any issues that may arise. Contact PMI Gulf Coast today to learn about our comprehensive HOA management services.