Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacations

Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacations

Home Sharing Tips: How to Rent Your Home for Vacations

With its moderate climate, sunny skies, and access to some of the country's best beaches, Naples, FL is a dream place to live. If you're lucky enough to call this coastal city home, you might wonder how you can earn an additional income from your real estate investment.

Have you ever thought about renting your home out for vacations? With the right approach, this can be a great way to share your slice of paradise with others and enhance your savings.

Today, we're covering a few home sharing tips that can help you get started!

1. Understand Local Laws

Each county will have its own set of regulations that property owners must follow if they want to turn their home into a short-term rental. It's important to familiarize yourself with these so you can stay compliant.

Since January 3, 2022, Ordinance No. 2021-45 has been in effect in Collier County, requiring owners to register their rental with the county before opening it up to the public. However, properties located in Naples, Marco Island, or Everglades City are exempt from this ordinance.

While you might not have to register your vacation property with the county, check your local HOA or neighborhood regulations. Some may have restrictions against rentals, or rules you need to know before moving forward.

2. Take Care of Major Maintenance Issues

Before you welcome vacation guests, take the time to walk through your property and make sure everything is working properly. Taking care of small issues now can save you time and money down the road. Some of the major systems and appliances to check include:

  • HVAC system
  • Pipes and plumbing
  • Refrigerator and oven
  • Roof
  • Fireplace

It's also helpful to spruce up your landscaping, addressing any fallen limbs, clogged gutters, or any other eyesore that could affect your curb appeal.

3. Decorate With Guests in Mind

Finally, it can be helpful to remove most of your personal accessories when you know that guests are on their way. From family photos to scrapbooks, keep your special mementos in a locked drawer or cabinet. Instead, keep the decor neutral and classic, which will appeal to all guests.

That said, you don't have to remove every bit of personality from your property. To help you decide what to keep and what to stow away, walk your rooms like a guest. If you spot something that seems out of place, remove it.

Put These Home Sharing Tips Into Practice

When you live in a place as beautiful as Naples, FL, it just makes sense to turn your home into a short-term rental! Now that you know a few of the top home sharing tips, it's time to think about your next move.

As you begin to envision your vacation property, does the idea of managing it all sound tiresome? There are many steps involved in property management, from finding the right tenants to cleaning, collecting rent, and addressing repair issues.

At PMI Gulf Coast, we can take care of all of this for you -- and more. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn all about our services!